Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hilarious Holiday - Target

So...When I first heard about the "Ugly Christmas Sweaters" at Target, I thought, "Why on Earth would I want one of those?" Then, to my surprise, it seems the whole world is going nuts for ugly Christmas sweaters, actually ugly sweaters in general...go figure! Even my Hubby says he wants one! great StyleMayvin fashion I felt it was my duty to head on over to my local Target and play around in the dressing room.  Although not every sweater has a Christmas theme, I do believe they just might ALL fit into the I'm-so-Ugly-I'm-cute category. Meanwhile, I'm quite sure the other shoppers found my little excursion either extremely entertaining or beyond annoying. Either way, I had a blast! Thanks Target! This just might be the most fun I've ever had prepping for a blog post!

Leather gloves...Patterns, Stripes, Black & White with a pop of color!

Pop, Pop, Pop...just like popcorn to string up and add to your super gaudy Christmas tree!

THIS...really is my Ugly (and Scary...hence the "paws out" stance) Christmas Sweater!

I'm so not a cat person but I couldn't resist the actual bell sewn into the sweater! Playing it sassy and...
..playing it cool. This is multi functional sweater, just in case you didn't know.

And quite possibly my absolute favorite sweater! #SELFIE! Because no one does a selfie better than StyleMayvin!

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