Friday, January 10, 2014

Flexible Smartphone - TechSTYLE

I am so looking forward to experiencing this LG innovation first hand! Introducing the LG G Flex.

The gentle curve of the LG G Flex's OLED screen reduces glare and reflection while providing a truly immersive, cinematic view. And since G Flex contours to your face, conversations are clearer and more comfortable.

With more than six decades of consumer electronics experience around the globe, LG has proven itself to be a champion of innovation. LG has now leveraged that expertise, forever changing the very shape of the smartphone category by creating the new G Flex, the world’s first curved, flexible smartphone.

The Real RGB HD display yields a clear, bright, sharp image that is true-to-life.

LG has created the world’s first curved battery to complement the design and slim profile of the G Flex.
Touting a high 3,500-mAh capacity (3,400 for T-Mobile), it provides enhanced stability and performance for the OLED display and all your daily activities.

G Flex’s curved screen fills your field of vision for a more immersive, panoramic viewing experience.
Plus, the high-quality OLED display offers bright, vivid reproduction while helping to minimize glare
from reflections. 6.0"

The 13-megapixel camera captures all of life’s moments beautifully, including crisp nighttime photos and precise action shots. Then bring those memories to life on the expansive display, or print and share your images.

You want it don't you? Me too!


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