Monday, January 27, 2014

The Legend Returns

Sneakers? A trend? Not highly likely.

I've been wearing and loving stylish sneakers all of my life so when I heard that Adidas was bringing back Stan Smith's, well...that was truly a reason to get excited!

For 2014, Adidas is bringing back its iconic Stan Smith model and just for the sake of sneaker was first created in 1963. The sneaker was marketed a year later with the name Adidas Robert Haillet, after a French tennis player, and went on to change its name again in 1978 after the German brand signed a contract with tennis player Stanley "Stan" Roger Smith

Originally designed as sportswear, the Stan Smith was soon taken from the tennis court to the streets, becoming one of the first sports shoes to be worn for leisure...just to look fresh. If you didn't already know, this sneaker is completely white, a rarity in the current world of colorful footwear, with a green Adidas logo on the tongue and heel. You can also get them with a black or red logo and there's even an all black version.

Despite its original popularity, poor sales forced Adidas to stop marketing the Stan Smith in 2012, causing uproar amongst fans of the legendary sneaker and in my opinion, they acted just a wee bit too soon. I mean, all things retro and considered "old" become new again. Especially the classics! It only takes a little time and patience.  Needless to say. the Stan Smith has returned.


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