Wednesday, February 5, 2014

About Last Night - TheatreSTYLE

Girls Night is always a good time, right? Whether it's taking in a movie, dinner or dancing we ladies know how to have fun. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend a screening for the movie "About Last Night" starring Kevin Hart, and enjoy an extra special beauty event...Girls Night Out with Hello Beautiful and Iman Cosmetics

Prior to the movie, guests were encouraged to try out one of the Iman Cosmetics new lip colors. They were all quite gorgeous so I left my selection up to one of the makeup artists for the evening.

She went with "Scandalous" because she thought it would be perfect for my skin tone and I agreed! I must say that I don't usually wear a bold red lip but this one is certainly a keeper. Even after eating popcorn and commuting home following the movie, the lip color held its ground and I didn't need to reapply even once.  Now that's what I call staying power!

Once we achieved the perfect look, it was off to have my photo taken! My hands are saying Hello Beautiful! How apropos.

 Of course I was unable to take any photography inside the movie theatre but let me just way, Kevin Hart was his usual funny self and because it's such a crazy, sexy, cool love's perfect for a date night, girls night and especially on Valentine's Day which is the official release date. By the way, did you know that this movie is a "reimagining" of a classic romantic comedy of the same name starring Demi Moore and Rob Lowe from 1986? It's definitely a must see!


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