Thursday, March 13, 2014

Glorious Gems!

Every girl loves a fabulously glorious gem right? Well, now there's a great place to find them! Introducing, launch by the award winning jewelry retailer , The Genuine Gemstone Company.

Looking to become the global online destination for both luxury and affordable jewelry, is off to a running start offering over 57% lower prices than it's street competitors. Can you say SALE? Now that's a real reason to get excited! Take a look at these vibrant green gemstones perfect for St. Patricks Day or get an early start on gifts for that stylish May or August birthday girl in your life.

As Steve Bennett, Founder of Gemporia says, "Emeralds are rarer than diamonds, another reason they are such a precious stone and make such a beautiful centerpiece for jewelry collections." I totally believe it too! So, are you ready to "Live Your Legacy"?


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