Sunday, March 23, 2014

Timberland Spring 2014 Review

When you think of Timberland, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Boots, Rugged, Outdoor wear? Of course! All of those things are part of what the brand encompasses but would you think of maybe something like this as a spring Timberland style for women?

No? Well, you better think again because this is just a glimpse of what Spring 2014 looks like!

The warmth and sunshine of springtime brings eagerness to journey near and far and, with Timberland, Spring 2014 will be no exception. A new spring season marks a time for change, and Timberland understands that beautiful, versatile designs make for a smooth transition to the activities warmer weather inspires.

The Spring 2014 collection of women’s footwear and outerwear boasts stunning workmanship and thoughtful details that make it easier than ever for her to look effortlessly stylish head-to-toe all season. Soft, supple leathers, vibrant colors and lightweight comfort are among the many reasons the Spring 2014 collection is perfectly matched to the needs of fashionable and eco-conscious women this season. 

Whether it’s an impromptu escape from the city or a summer by the sea, men need versatile fashion that offers lightweight performance, plus authentic style and crafted details to match. The Spring 2014 collection of footwear and apparel is designed to carry men from those first days of warmer temperatures through to the heart of the summer – and everywhere in between. Vibrant pops of color are as spontaneous as his last-minute plans and crafted materials help him achieve a stylish, contemporary look all season long.

A few days ago I had the opportunity to check out the Spring and Fall 2014 collections and as always I will be sharing that experience with my readers and am looking forward to keeping you "in the know" regarding all of my future Timberland adventures! Stay tuned!!!


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