Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Let's Get Cultured - ArtSTYLE

Recently, Tatiana Pagés of Greencard Creative curated the NYC premiere of Wallpaper, a collection of art by contemporary Latin American artist Arid Orozco at El Aripo Café on Delancey Street. Orozco is a contemporary Latin American artist who has a passion for color and culture. 

The exhibit, held on Monday April 21st, was a great success! Pagés noted “Turing this small café into a gallery was challenging but worked out wonderfully. The exposed brick provided the perfect surface for a wallpaper idea as each piece tells the story of the next.  In one snap shot you can feel Arid's energy, color and emotions, all in a wallpaper tsunami." 

“As I curated this exhibit, I envisioned how all paintings together would create a “wallpaper” of stories, capturing a narrative of emotions that Arid expresses about his home country of Venezuela and his relationship with his muse and adored mother,” said Tatiana Pagés, curator of the exhibit. “The bright colored canvases are the alter ego of Arid’s sadness and longing for his country and family.”

In many pieces of Arid's artwork, I see so many vibrant spring motifs and color patterns that would be perfect for any spring/summer look! It really is true that in everything I see STYLE!

Orozco is an emerging visual artist born in a small town in Yaracuy in northwestern Venezuela. He moved to New York about 15 years ago and currently lives in a cozy studio in Queens, surrounded by paintings and color, where he has explored his passion for the arts. Orozco draws inspiration from vibrant colors, found in an array of spaces including nature, fashion, and culinary arts.

For more information, contact Tatiana Pagés.


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