Saturday, May 24, 2014

Klub Nico

The very first time I laid eyes on these Klub Nico shoes, I instantly fell in love. Aside from the fact that Brazil seems to have some of the most amazing and creative footwear designers I’ve ever seen, this particular pair, the Kassie Skin, intrigued me because of the attention to detail taken to make it a truly special piece.

Creatively designed with a slight inset wedge, leather upper and rubber sole, it is one of the more comfortable yet stylish shoes I’ve had the privilege to add to my footwear arsenal. Made with a unique laser cut design which is right on if not above trend right now, it complements and completes any look.

This shoe has truly been a life saver during the weather transitional period from what seemed like the longest winter ever on the east coast to the final and very welcomed arrival of Spring. So with that, there is no reason why you should have a pair of your own!  These my dear, are mine! Check them out at

Meanwhile, I’m excited to preview the new Spring 2015 collection next month during the FFANY show and you know I’ll keep my readers in the know sharing their latest looks!


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