Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dolce Vita Knows How to Party!

You love the shoes but did you know that the Dolce Vita (dv) team throws a really awesome party? Who knew? Well...this month during FFANY, I definitely found out!

One of the great things about most of the trade shows that happen in NYC and abroad, especially if they are fashion related, are the parties! They're becoming more and more popular in today's social media climate as people love to have the cyber-sphere flooded with images and hashtags about their brand and events. Dolce Vita is no different. Held at NYC Puck Building, dv showed their Pre-Spring 2015 collection and even as you entered, you knew this would be an experience.

Since, I love all things style and fashion, I must show you my favorites from this awesome new collection. And I absolutely MUST get my hands on this first pair.!

From "Tribal", to "Street Smart Styles" dv has it all... with the collection there for all to see, the bar stocked and snacks all around, it was time to get the party started!

 But first, a selfie.


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