Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lingerie Should Be Ombre

You've seen Ombre hair but what about underwear?

Recently Cosabella launched a lingerie collection called "Trenta Ombre" that I think is pretty cool since hair color has dominated the ombre trend for the past year. Way to add some excitement in the bedroom in a very trendy and stylish way. The question is, will the men really notice the fashion significance?  This is the same company that produced glow in the dark underwear which no man could miss so hey, maybe this line will have the same effect. At the very least, I say rock it under a sheer top or a sleeveless, scoop arm tank and it's sure to peak some interest.

The line is available now on the Cosabella website and color palette ranges from cool blues fire hot reds. Now, who's ready to make a statement? 


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