Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Nail Lacquer For Your Home? - HomeSTYLE

My readers know that I love a great collaboration and this one between OPI and Clark+Kensington is the first of it's kind!

You know you always seem to fall in love with a particular nail color and then maybe you think to yourself, "This would be a great color for my living room."? Well guess what? Now it just might be!

OPI Nail colors can now go from your nails to your wall with the introduction of a new palette by Clark+Kensington paint and primer in one. It's only available at Ace Hardware but feel free to go in and check out some of the awesome colors they offer. The new colors launch this month in over 3,200 Ace Hardware stores nationwide and offer consumers the opportunity to bring their favorite nail lacquor colors to life within their home decor. Is that not awesome?

Mary Rice, President and General Manager of Ace Paint said. "We are thrilled to offer women a unique way to extend their personal style into their decorating style through paint color. The OPI Color Palette by Clark+Kensington was curated to encourage consumers to bring fashion-forward colors into their homes through the hues they've grown to love in the nail salon." And I for one, think they have done a great job! To continue my Spring NYC event fun, I was able to attend an event introducing the colors and this time I was able to take the Mini Mayvin along and of course we had a great time.

From the moment we checked in at the event, it was clear to see that each of the three color collections were represented in a very creative way. Each mock room styled by interior decorators showed the perfect combination of OPI color palette by Clark+Kensington's coordinating paint colors providing inspiration for homeowners.  "The Artist", which is categorized as a collection for the original, inspired, spirited and charming consumer was one of the Mini Mayvin's favorites. She was all about the OPI color "Miami Beet" for her mini manicure provided during the event and it matched perfected with one of the furniture pieces she fell in love with.

"The Romantic" collection for the sophisticated, confident, iconic and glam customer, describes my personal home decor preference to a T! This living space inspired by the Romantic collection made me want to load each and every piece on a moving truck and bring it right into my home.

And finally my favorite! The "Wild Heart" collection! I am a huge fan of all things BLUE so when I saw the OPI color "I Can't Find My Czechbook" and the coordinating Clark+Kensington color on the wall of the luxuriously calming bathroom, I seriously wanted to move it. Of course, that was the perfect color for my manicure.

Judging from the excitement of all the attends at this event, I can safely say that I'm not the only one who was able to garner lots and LOTS of interior style inspiration!


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