Friday, June 20, 2014

Pocket Avatars - TechSTYLE

Recently, Intel Corporation announced the availability of Pocket Avatars, a new over-the-top (OTT) mobile messaging app with a fun twist and I just had to be in the room. An intimate group of journalists and I were on hand at the Bryant Park Hotel in NYC to be among he first to experience it.

Using a mobile device's standard camera and microphone, Pocket Avatars captures a user’s facial expressions, head movements and voice to create, send and receive personalized 3D video animated messages using avatar characters.
This new app is addictive and so much fun to play with, so I know my social media savvy readers will love it. Proprietary facial gesture software used by the app is based on years of research by the Intel Labs and it really is quite cool. It is also the result of collaboration between Intel experts in clients, servers, message delivery, web programming, 3D tracking, modeling, animation, and video rendering, who came together to enable this unique experience.

Check out this video that shows just how easy the app is to download, navigate and use.

More than 40 avatars are currently being offered through the in-app library and new characters will be introduced regularly. So you know which characters I'm waiting to see right? Anything with a fashion focus...Maybe Barbie or a Harajuku Girl? Or what about a fashionista I can customize? Would that not be the coolest?!? But for now, users can choose from iconic pop culture favorites such as Annoying Orange, LEGO® characters, Gumby, Mr. Bill, Pokey, the San Diego Chicken, American Greetings Care Bear franchise, animals and people. Many of the avatars are available for free!

Download the Pocket Avatars app today and start sending messages right away! It's available FREE on the iTunes and Windows store now. For more about the app, click HERE


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