Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas - TravelSTYLE

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Well I have and I always have a great time...I mean, how can you not in a place nicknamed "Sin City"? However, during a recent trip to Vegas, I had the opportunity to stay at The Cosmopolitan hotel and secretly from the first time I saw one of their commercials I was obsessed with staying was just something about the music and I still dance every time I see it! So naturally, I knew one day I would be right there to experience it all. Now, let me just warn you now...this post will have a ton of pictures because I had the BEST TIME ever at this hotel! Let me walk you through my journey...

I should have known it would be an epic experience when even on my flight, I received a free gift from the Cosmopolitan! They gave each passenger on the plane a mini deck of playing cards that were actually discounts to various amenities inside the hotel so guess what? Even if you weren't staying there, you wanted to go there just to see what they had to offer. Now that's great marketing at it's finest!

After a super smooth check in at the front desk, THIS is the fabulously stylish room I walked into!

The view from my balcony...

It was such a beautiful room that I found it only right to take a selfie in my "dressing area" before heading out for the day.

Then it was time to get the party started and the Mophie group I was traveling with was all about the mid day shots at Comme Ça!
I mean, what better way to get ready for an entertaining dinner show...
...and one of the most awe inspiring shows on the Vegas Strip...Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

One of my favorites during the show was the Sean and John Tap Dancers. Here's a couple little snippets of their performance. They are do dope!

And of course I was able to capture it all while keeping my iPhone charged with my Mophie Spacepack and The Cosmopolitan branded powerstation.

But wait...the fun didn't end there! It wouldn't be right if I didn't tell you about the food! I'm such a foodie and I loved every meal I had within the hotel from room service to the breakfast buffet at The Wicked Spoon all of the fabulous restaurants. I may have gained a pound or two but it was certainly worth it!

After a day of private craps lessons, checking out the Mophie branded playing tables and enjoying one of the most uniquely presented Comopolitan (the drink) I've ever had, my winnings and I were ready for a relaxing bath back in my room before heading out for the evening once again!

Since there's so much to do and see in the Cosmopolitan hotel, you find yourself doing things like this in the hallways...

To start the night off with a Bruno Mars concert LIVE from the Mophie stage was amazing! I started off very cool calm and collected in the VIP box, sporting my brand new leather motorcycle jacket I purchased from All Saints (also located inside The Cosmopolitan)...
 ...but by the end of the concert, well...I looked a little something like this:

Bruno Mars did his thing, without a doubt and I enjoyed every moment!

And then this happened...

But, just when I thought I couldn't "go" anymore, it was off to a fabulous dance party! And when it's a party at the Marquee Night Club with DJ Kaskade, you definitely don't want to miss it!

Finally, before heading back home to the East Coast, I had the opportunity to check out the Sahra Spa and Hammam and that my dear friends was the icing on the cake. Following such an exhilarating couple of days, it was just what the doctor ordered. I have no pictures to capture that moment but just know that it was in the top 5 of all of my spa experiences ever. Next trip I'll be trying out the Turkish Bath my masseuse mentioned for sure. I've never had one but I'm thinking this would be the best place to try it!

You know how you used to see "For a good time call...555.****" on the bathroom walls back in the 80's? Well, for a good time in Vegas at a ridiculously stylish hotel, The Cosmopolitan is who you need to call and where you need to be!


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