Saturday, July 5, 2014

Patriotic Style

This 4th of July weekend, like every other is full of celebrations, barbecue's and cocktails. So what are you wearing to hang out and enjoy all of the festivities? Here's a bit of inspiration from todays hottest models.

Looking for something a little less editorial? Yeah, maybe those looks might be a bit out of your range but you can never go wrong with anything re, white and blue. My suggestion is maybe go a bit more subtle this weekend. Why not try a white tee or tank, paired with the latest in denim shorts that you can even make yourself... like these:

Then, don't forget the red! I'm all about boat shoes this summer so this pair by Timberland were my first pick to complete the look.

Or...incorporate all of the patriotic colors with these!

No matter what you wear, just remember to have fun! The long weekend away from work is best when you're not stressing over how you look. You'll have enough time for that Monday. Happy 4th of July!


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