Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Shaving Revolution

Did you know that the shaving industry is a $33 billion per year global industry? I was totally floored when I heard that and I'm starting to wonder if I got into the wrong business. Naturally, personally grooming of any kind goes hand in hand with fashion and style as these are very important aspects of daily life when it comes right down to it so why not make it easier on yourself?

I'm all about the all in one ShaveMate Razors that simplifies shaving and provides comfort. It's simple because of the built-in shaving cream handle. Yes, you heard me right, everything you need is all in one compact device. It has lanolin-enriched shaving cream inside each handle that lasts for up to 10 shaves plus, it's locking dispensing cap to prevent accidental activation. So ladies, you can throw this bad boy in your gym bag and not worry about staining the contents inside and if you're as frequent of a flyer as I am, it's the perfect travel buddy because its also carryon approved. On the flip side, this razor has a super precise shave but is comfortable enough to conform to the natural curves of the body. The blade cartridge also has an advanced moisturizing Glide Strip with soothing allantoin for comfort and skin protection. So who's in for having super soft, moisturized stubble free legs? I know I am!

ShaveMate products are conveniently sold online with affordable pricing and purchasing options.


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