Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Times Square Take Over - ArtSTYLE

Last week the StyleMayvin team was invited to an epic event in middle of Times Square NYC. “SeeMe,” a global community of photographers, designers, artists and musicians throughout the world, took over Times Square to celebrate its users’ most prominent artwork by featuring them on the two largest video billboards in Times Square. The one-hour animated collage showed images from hundreds of artists from around the world.

Mixed media artist Ben Moon was a major part of this show. His featured piece “WAKE UP,” was shown taking over the entire 25-story billboard. "WAKE UP"  is an 8x8 foot Mixed Media piece which features a computer keyboard as well as a vintage "Gulf Pride" oil billboard, in addition to the more "traditional" paint and collage elements. Its subject matter deals with the surreal fracturing of reality that we experienced as a culture following the attacks on 9 -11. Suddenly everything we had known up to that point was thrown into complete upheaval, leaving us wondering if this was the start of some sort of nightmare, or even worse that the life we had known up to that point had been the dream, and now we were being smacked by the cold hand of reality, telling us it was time to "WAKE UP". 


Moon’s work has been featured in a series of successful exhibitions in New York, London, New Orleans, and Beijing, as well as at Miami’s Art Basel exhibition. Moon’s latest project, ROKLYFE, marks the full realization of his longstanding fascination with the integration of sonic and visual elements, resulting in a fully immersive environmental art piece where the viewer feels as though they’ve literally stepped inside one of his frenetic paintings. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s Factory Parties and the Art Happenings of the late 1960′s, Moon employs a combination of projected visuals, interactive social media, as well as live and prerecorded music to create a world where art and life come together in a radical new experience, “the world of Ben Moon”


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