Friday, August 22, 2014

Converse + Missoni

As New York Fashion Week seems to be getting closer and closer, I have seriously been considering incorporating more sneakers into my look. I've been doing that quite a bit as of late. Not just because they are so much more comfortable than my super high heels but also because it's very trendy and chic these days. With that in mind, I saw these really cool Converse and trust me...I'm a sucker when it comes to Chuck Taylor's but these have an unmistakeable pattern...Missoni!

Italian label Missoni and iconic shoe brand Converse have teamed up for a new sneaker collaboration with Chuck Taylor All Star styles. Missoni’s well-known prints adorn Converse’s Chuck Taylor’s All Stars for an awesome looking shoe if I must say so myself. Available online at Nordstrom, the prices start at $84.95 and go up to $99.95.


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