Saturday, August 2, 2014

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Recently I attended a breakfast event with SoftSheen Carson where they announced the new SoftSheen-Carson Professional Hydra Steam Moisturizing System. For all of my natural hair're gonna love this!

During the event Johnny Wright, the man behind Michelle Obama's beautiful mane discussed the benefits of the product and as always, did so with style and flair. 

He really is one of the best in the business and as you can see, we love to have a good time!

Oh, and breakfast was amazing!
So, now let's talk about this amazing product. Hydra Steam is exclusively designed for stylists to use with steam treatments. This product launch marks SoftSheen-Carson Professional’s brand reinvention, underscoring its commitment to technological innovation and providing unmatched, high-performance products to professional stylists and everyday consumers. With revolutionary steam activated technology and infused with Aloe Vera, the new Hydra Steam Moisturizing System promotes curl definition, provides long-lasting frizz control, and delivers intense, vital moisturize to dry, thirsty hair at every step. So ladies, this is the perfect product for every curl pattern. 
This beautiful young lady who hasn't been comfortable with her loss of curl when her hair dries and shrinkage found this to be the perfect product for her tight coils. I loved her hair and it had a very soft and moisturized feel.
Here's another great look on this beautiful lady who had a refresher done on her twist-out style. Perfection!
Steam treatments hydrate hair 5 times more effectively than using a conditioner alone. They infuse moisture to hair and gently open hair cuticles to allow conditioners to penetrate deeper,” says SoftSheen-Carson Artistic Style Director Johnny Wright. “At the heart of the new Hydra Steam regimen is the Steam Treatment Masque an amazingly innovative formula that is activated by steam to deliver intense conditioning, soften hair cuticle and help prevent breakage.” 
I went away with from the event with tons of new ideas and thoughts of the many advantages this would have for my daughters hair and for a brief moment I considered cutting my locs jus to see how it would work with my own curl pattern.  Here's what you need to know...

The NEW SoftSheen-Carson Professional Hydra Steam Moisturizing System consists of six key products:

    o Sulfate-Free Cleanser: Preps hair for the Steam Treatment Masque and provides

    moisturizing nourishment to hair, while effectively removing dirt and build-up. ($17.99)
o Steam Masque: Steam activated treatment to help prevent breakage and provides much needed conditioning to damaged, dry hair. The masque spreads evenly from

root to tip and softens the hair cuticle. ($17.99)
o Moisturizing Sealing Spray: Lightweight leave-in conditioning spray that seals the

hair cuticle directly following the steam treatment and is formulated to respect hair’s pH level. ($12.99)

o Curl Designing Cream: Formulated with Aloe Vera and has no drying alcohols to

control frizz and deliver elongated curl definition. It provides medium, crunchless
hold and lightweight moisture. ($17.99)
o Refining Coil Cream: Formulated with Aloe Vera and has no drying alcohols, this

styling cream delivers intense moisture that softens tight coils. It provides low, crunchless hold that enhances definition. ($17.99)

o Finishing Oil: Lightweight, non-flaky formula that moisturizes without build-up and

delivers radiant shine. This oil is 100% free of drying alcohols, mineral oil, parabens and petroleum. ($17.99) 

The product is available for professional stylists to purchase now at select Sally Beauty Supply stores and other beauty shops. For more information, visit


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