Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tea Party In NYC

Recently I had the opportunity to take my daughter to Gallow Green at The McKittrick Hotel. The event was a Children’s Potions & Planting Tea Party so you know my Princess, aka. the "MiniMayvin" loved that! I simply cannot think of a better way to spend my morning and if you have a stylish little lady or mini man of your own, this is definitely an experience you want to consider.

Located atop The McKittrick located in Chelsea near The High Line, we had a glorious morning and since she was invited to bring a special friend (her American Girl Doll, Ashly) to join us in the garden for tea, a bite to eat, planting and potion-making with the garden’s residents, it turned out to be a fabulously fashionable family affair.
Want to know all about our time there? Of course you do! Children who attended the event were encouraged to bring a recyclable bottle to make their own potions with "special powers". My little one brought hers home and loves all of the beautiful colors inside and it all started with a beautiful little crystal.
A magical story about what each of the ingredients mean...

...and of course, rose water! What else would make the potion perfect?

The garden’s residents also provided lessons in planting as well as offering take-home mini flower press, plant soil, and seeds so the children can teach others how to plant and seed.  

I think that the planting project was my daughter's favorite part of the morning...yes, even in a white dress. She even told one of the garden's residents' that all of New York should look exactly like this!
While all adults and children must have a paid reservation, dolls and teddy bears may enter free of charge and will get their own miniature seat and personalized bib. Is that not the cutest?

Admission includes a traditional English high tea platter, refreshing pink lemonade, and hands-on lessons in potions and planting. For more information and to book one of the most enjoyable, fashionable, morning events ever... visit www.mckittrickhotel.com/childrensteaparty#McKittrick.

More about Gallow Green: Gallow Green is a meticulously-designed green space in the heart of Chelsea featuring an extensive cocktail and punch menu, vivid scenery, and a garden snack menu designed by Chef R.L. King. Daily service, beginning at 5:00 p.m., offers early guests an after-work or evening/weekend snack & drinks setting which, as the evening progresses, takes on a more vibrant cocktail-nightlife atmosphere.  Reservations nightly for parties of 8 or more are recommended, and can be booked online at www.mckittrickhotel.com or by calling 212-564-1662.  

Gallow Green also serves up bottomless brunches that feature a variety of selections including: Scallion Scrambled Eggs with gruyere; Cold Fried Chicken with black pepper honey; Kale Caesar Salad; and more. Brunch is served from 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Saturdays, and 11:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Sundays.


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