Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cygalle Healing Spa - BeautySTYLE

BeautySTYLE - By: Joy Nichelle Randall 

The trend is skin! Not just any skin…beautiful, glowing, clear, healthy and hydrated skin. This was evident on every runway during NYFW! And I had the awesome opportunity to see just how deep this trend can get at the Erin Fetherston show. Cygalle Healing Spa brought their mobile spa backstage to take the stress out of the hustle and bustle of Fashion Week.
I was so excited to see this backstage! For years, I’ve used hydrating masks on models before photo shoots to plump and hydrate the skin. But this new technology definitely takes it to a whole new level! I mean, who doesn’t want a hot stone facial? Not only is it electric serenity, it allows the hydrating ingredients to penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin. Activating lipid layers, removing toxins and basically in a nutshell giving your skin major life! 

Hydrated skin is always best! It speaks for itself. When you look at someone with amazing skin… it speaks to their health and the care they put into themselves. It’s the key to great makeup! Foundation, or any product for that matter, lays smoother and is applied better to skin that is healthy and hydrated. Makeup can only enhance what is already there (the bad and the good). So if the skin is amazing, the makeup will look amazing too! And that was certainly the case at the Erin Featherston show. The models skin truly spoke volumes! Their dewy, radiant complexions were clearly seen from our seats… All the hard work truly paid off on the runway. 
I was also excited to see the chic collabo with the designer and Skyn Iceland. What they called the ultimate “surv-eye-val” kit, is truly a unique experience. And they actually work! Pop those babies on for 10 minutes and you look like you had 10 extra hours of sleep! I love it when beauty and fashion come together in a wonderful way. I mean, isn’t that truly what being a woman is all about? In my world, that’s a yes! 


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