Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's A Guy Thing

He still exists—the rare man of honor with a dash of true grit.  It may seem old-fashioned, but recent research shows that most people think chivalry is still important today and don't you love a man that smells good?!? So let's talk about some of the season's hottest fragrances for men...

Living by a code of modern gallantry, he draws on time-tested values that fit perfectly in today’s world. He is the ultimate “modern cowboy”, who builds, protects, provides, and stands steadfast in any situation. This quintessential American spirit is distilled in new Stetson Caliber... a new fragrance for the modern gentleman.
The Stetson Caliber fragrance opens with notes of sparkling lime and black pepper. The warm heart of the scent contains nutmeg and violet leaf. The Earthy Oakmoss adds depth of character, while the true star is the woody red sequoia note. Embodying the subtle vigor and fervor of the modern cowboy, the Red Sequoia tree gives the fragrance a sexy, masculine finish. ($19, mass retailers)

Nautica LIFE represents the voyage of sailing through life with the ones you love. Refined and seductive, Nautica LIFE was created as a romantic blend of uplifting freshness, mysterious aromatics, and seductive woods.

With notes of Living Sea Salt, marine Seamoss and Natural Violet Leaf, Nautica LIFE unleashes a revitalizing splash of energy while creating a blissful feeling of magnetism and seduction. ($62.50, Macy’s)

EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 RED men's cologne was launched by the designer house of LACOSTE in 2012.  This masculine men's fragrance  possesses a blend of ginger, cardamom, black pepper, acacia wood, benzoin and rooibos tea.

FERRARI SCUDERIA BLACK SIGNATURE men's fragrance was launched by the designer house of FERRARI in 2013. This men's cologne possesses a blend of green apple, fizzy grapefruit, star anise, nutmeg, cashmere leather accord, mediterranean freshness, cedarwood, ambery musks, noble vetiver.

John Varvatos  launched a new fragrance for men in 2013 named Artisan Acqua and we still love it today! This is the fifth fragrance of their artisan collection, described by Varvatos: "From the start, we’ve always tried to go back to making fragrances the way they used to be made — all by hand, with the best ingredients in the world, artisanal fragrances with smaller batches.”
Artisan Acqua is a lighter fragrance than its antecedent, the summer version inspired by beaches and seaside charm. Inspired by the Mediterranean, and long walks along the coast. The fragrance opens with notes of mandarin, tangelo (hybrid of tangerine and pomelo) and paradisamide molecule (leaving the impression of tropical fruit notes of guava, grapefruit, rhubarb and currant) accompanied by galbanum, lentic and angelica root. In the heart lie clary sage, lavender, coriander, toscanol, basil, geranium, palmarosa and jasmine sambac on a base of musk, patchouli and fir resin.


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