Eye To Eye With Coastal

Being a part of ambassador programs for companies that I'm truly a fan of, is one of my favorite things to do. The newest on the list of must have's...especially for those who wear glasses and love fabulously stylish frames is Coastal.com.

Although I don't wear prescription glasses, I am in LOVE with wearing frames! I think it adds a bit of interest to the face when you can find a pair that fits you perfectly and with all of the many style available at Coastal, there's no way you won't find a match. Here are the styles I chose...

I think both styles fit me perfectly and give me even more of a smart, "writer" look. Both are quite unique and definitely add style and flair to my look everyday. In fact, I find it hard to make a choice of which one to wear! 

The Kam Dhillon's are currently on sale so today's your lucky day...you too can have this style just like me! But unfortunately, the Valentino frames are sold out. That's one thing I learned when I went through the website to pick out my frames...when you snooze you loose. Coastal.com is a very popular website for finding and purchasing some of the most sought after styles and they really do make it easy for you. 

Making such a personal purchase on line isn't always the most comfortable but with Coastal it really is as simple as one, two, three. Nervous about what the frames will look like on your face? Coastal has you covered. With the easy, "Try It On" option you can choose from photos of people who have the same facial features or shape as you and simply try them on. This gives you a quick and easy view and point of reference. Already know what style you prefer like oval or cateye? Well, there's a feature that will allow you to sort by shape, color and a few other categories that allows you to ultimately drill down into seeing only the styles that would match your preferences. See...I told ya! Easy. So, whether you actually have a prescription to fill or if you're like me and simply want to try out a new look, Coastal.com is where you want to start, shop and purchase.


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