Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ann Taylor + St. Jude Children's Hospital

As often as possible, I like to share ways that people who love to shop (like us) can give back and here's a great opportunity for fans of Ann Taylor!
 As part of Ann Taylor’s annual partnership with St. Jude Children’s Hospital, the brand has created a limited-edition elephant charm jewelry collection. Available in-stores and online on November 11th, 50% of the purchase price will benefit St. Jude’s. Isn't that awesome?

Ann Taylor has chosen the elephant because Elephants are believed to bring good luck, they have a high retentive memory which is symbolic of the medical research performed at St. Jude. Elephants also live in families, and if something happens to one family member, the community adopts the affected family for life. This is symbolic of how St. Jude takes care of families whose children are affected by deadly diseases. And I for one think that the Elephant is beautiful and graceful so that makes them the perfect choice and too top it all off... Elephants live for a very, very long time. 
Let's all do what we can to further the efforts of those dedicated workers at St. Jude Children's Hospital taking great care of some of the most beautiful children in the world who just happen to need a helping hand. Shop the collection NOW


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