Saturday, November 8, 2014

Model Infatuation

There are two models right now that I am completely and totally infatuated with right now. Seriously...each and every time I see an editorial with either of them in it, they take my breath away. It's one thing to be taught or trained to model but it is something altogether different when you are born with the model "it-factor" and these two ladies definitely have "it".

Sudanese model Grace Bol. She simply exudes confidence and beauty. She commands the camera in a way that screams of quiet strength and her uniqueness is so captivating you never want to look away. Here's a few pix from her Fall/Winter 2014 shoot for Archetype Magazine.

My second choice should come at no surprise to anyone...Cara Delevingne. Her signature pout coupled with those brows are enough to make any fashion and beauty love squeal with delight.

Take a look at her newest TOPSHOP 2014 Holiday campaign.


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