Saturday, January 31, 2015


There aren't too many people I know who aren't in love with jeans...especially when they find their favorite jeans, with the perfect fit. In college, although I always dressed them up a bit more than may have been necessary, I wore jeans a lot! As the StyleMayvin in the making, this proved to be a very valuable trait. When you understand that jeans can be a great foundation to almost any look and you really know how to accentuate your best assets, you simply can't go wrong.

Back then, it was all about my Ann Taylor and DKNY jeans...don't judge, it's was the 90's. I graduated to D&G, Seven, Moschino (what a blast from the past), Rock and Republic and I can't my favs, Earl Jeans in the early 2000's. To say I had an obsession with denim would be totally accurate. At first glance I didn't think I would be into any of the "printed" styles but I was recently introduced to Figi Jeans and decided to make an exception.
Creative Director, Diane Carleton believes in "expressive art" and was inspired by the work of contemporary mixed media artist John Rossi. The outcome was the Figi Rossi collection and it is the perfect balance of art and fashion.

From a personal perspective, I love the hand of the fabrication and since I enjoy anything outside of the norm, the print is actually quite appealing. I'm not an exceptionally tall person however, in the past, I have found that some "skinny jeans" aren't long enough. Or at least they are not as long as I would like. Figi got the inseam just right! They are the perfect length to wear with any shoe from sneaker to stiletto.  My only complaint is that I should have selected one size smaller because they were a bit larger in the waist than expected but that's what happens sometimes when you don't have the opportunity to try things on in store first. Nevertheless, I am pleased with the look and can see myself styling this pair in may different ways!

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