Monday, January 5, 2015

Get Winterized

Winter is officially here and although I'm not looking forward to a winter like we had last year on the east coast, I'm pretty sure we won't get away without some snow and rain. With that said, shouldn't you be style ready for the weather? Heck ya, you should! So here's a great list of "must haves" for you to add to you "gotta have" list.

You can never go wrong with Hunter boots. I love this shorter version... well as the classic look. Oh and don't forget the boot socks! Your tootsie will be super warm all winter long.

I've had and worn the Burberry plaid rain boot for years but this style is so super cute that it can be worn with almost any look. The Burberry Glossed-Rubber Rain Boot is a classic for sure.

Taking it back to the old school with these Bean Boots by LL Bean. Who didn't have a pair of these in their younger days? Well, now's the time to get a new pair. Since the holidays are over and the mad dash to grab a pair is over, you'll probably get lucky with no back order date.

And last but not least, need a hand made boot using a meticulous 150 step process? Oh yeah? Ok, well this Le Chameau is it. I'm loving the color as well as the stylish sole.

Now...go get winterized!


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