Saturday, February 21, 2015

MBFW New York - Day 3

With NBA All Star Weekend happening at the same time in the Big Apple as Fashion Week makes for a very interesting traffic situation. Thank goodness for mass transit is all I have to say! Oh and...this level of cold...absolutely insane! Way to go mother nature... With that said, two shows and a blogger lounge and I was so outta there!

This collection gave me ALL of the Royal Tenenbaums my little heart desired! Yes, yes and yes! This show is one that I look forward to seeing every single season. I will fight through sub zero temps and snow if I have to simply because "Rene' did it first".

There's no way the photos can do this collection justice. There are just so many intricate details and embellishments that are simply impossible to capture but I certainly tried with my own camera so I'm sharing a few of the photos I took from my seat as well.

It seems that there used to be SO MANY blogger lounges and for the past 3 or 4 seasons, there haven't been very many. What does this mean for bloggers? Something...maybe nothing? Maybe we are all too busy as shows to be able to hit the lounges but there's one that I try to never miss when they decide to do one and that's Style Coalition. The main reason you will always find me there is because they offer knowledge. There's always people to meet, exciting things to do and "conversations" with those who are making moves in the fashion industry. Cudos and thanks to you SC from SM for my new gel, Valentine's Day inspired mani and the opportunity to chat with the one and only, Jersey born, Robert Verdi. Awesome early end to my style day.


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