Saturday, February 21, 2015

MBFW New York - Day 7

This was the last day of Fashion Week shows and events for me although there will be more shows tomorrow. I have yet to be invited to the Ralph Lauren show and it is said that the great Tom Ford will show on Friday in LA so I guess Fashion Week has not only expanded it's length but also moved across states. Yes, I do realize that London Fashion Week is up next, followed by many others so let the fun continue! Here are the shows I finished out my week with.

I can't say how much I am in awe of this designer and their selection of models this season. Not only does their collection seem to be for every woman, it also showed successfully on the runway. 

The LIE SANG BONG show was another stellar collection. I was highly anticipating the runway design after last year's artistic set up and once again, I was not to be disappointed. 

This was a pick up show as I received an invite late in the day while waiting for another show BUT I can say it was well worth attending. Here's a few photos I took and an official video. I loved it. See for yourself...

And finally...the last show of the day, of the New York fashion season for me was one that I think my niece would have loved. Leann Marshall, former Project Runway winner, showed a beautiful collection of designs.

Toodle-loo New York Fashion Week. Goodbye... for now.


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