Friday, February 20, 2015

MBFW New York - Day Zero

The Wednesday before the start of Fashion Week in New York used to be just another day and then somewhere along the line brands and PR agencies started to host events to get all of the style lovers in the mood for a week full of nonstop fashion. Those events grew quickly into actual shows...kinda like the "pre-show" of all fashion shows. Wednesday now became as busy as the rest of the week and that's when I dubbed it "Day Zero". Here's how my day turned out...

Starting with NYMD - New York Men's Day at Industrial Studios. This is a specialized menswear set of presentations all held in one place which makes it quite convenient for Buyers, Editorials, Influencers and the like. 12 brands, one day, lets go!

Then after seeing the first 6 brand presentations, it was off to Lisa Perry. I absolutely LOVED the 70's inspiration of the new collection.

Now back to menswear... Gilded Age presentation at The Rooftop at Refinery.

And that was just the first half of the day! There's more...


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