Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Office Chic

If you work in an office everyday (especially if it's not in the fashion industry), you may find it hard to express your personal style. Yes, we all know that the "professional" look as previously defined can be a bit of a bore so how should you combat that and find ways to show your quirkiness? Accessories!

I have long loved expression through accessories, whether it be jewelry, handbags or shoes but for todays purpose, let's talk jewelry. Recently, Vogue Russia showed us how to pull off "Chic Office Style" with style using understated jewelry pieces in this editorial. All are picture perfect as well as acceptable in any work place.

If you like to push the envelope and this is something you can easily get away with in your office, try something unique like this "Popcorn Ring" from the Katy Perry Prism Collection exclusively at Claire's. It's hands down one of my favs when I'm having a fun day of style expression.

Want to take it a step further? Why not try an unbalanced look like this? Only the confident can pull this look off as you will undoubtedly receive quite a few comments about the fact that you're wearing mix-matched earrings. Your response? No... "I didn't get dressed in the dark this morning" and "Yes, I know and I did it on purpose". Gotta always keep 'em guessing right?

Whether you're classic or daring, a small change in your accessories can equate to a big change in your look.


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