Monday, February 9, 2015

Paparazzi Fighting Fashion

If you watched the Grammy's red carpet and saw Pharrell and his wife, Helen Lasichanh you already know where this is going. Some loved their look, some didn't but one thing I can say for him is that Pharrell is always above the fashion and now fashion/technology infused curve. Introducing... Pharrell + Adidas (3M Reflective Fabric) and Flashback Fabric.

Check out Pharrell's red carpet pictures. I love it! Pharrell's suit, from his Adidas collection is made of 3M reflective fabric.

There are others on the market as well like the new Flashback Collection from Betabrand & DJ Chris Holmes. Chris tours with Paul McCartney and recently approached Betabrand (an online clothier) with an idea for garments he and his famous friends could wear to prank fans and frustrate paparazzi. Now you can have a hoodie, suit, hat or scar from the collection. 

Flashback fabric is embedded with microscopic glass bubbles that reflect light. Originally designed for safety products like firemen's suits, a quirk of camera design makes the fabric perfectly suited for brilliant photos.

Snap a shot of someone in a Flashback garment and the wearer is rendered anonymous -- essentially, a glowing ghost. Now... are you ready for the paparazzi?


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