Thursday, April 23, 2015

French Luxury Is Ananda Dolce

Perfums M.Micallef, renowned for their authentic Fragrances made in the French tradition of crafts and luxury, recently launched the new fragrance ANANDA DOLCE. This is the second in the collection ANANDA, and it appears to be the most delicate.
The M.Micallef Company is known to give priority to high quality and natural ingredients in its fragrances and magnifies each bottle in its art atelier. I know...fancy right? For 2015, Martine Micallef wished to honor the sweetness of a wintry essence.

ANANDA DOLCE is a soft and sweet fragrance, enhanced by flowery notes of almond and peach. As a sweet winter kiss, its essence suave and soft will transport you in Provence, a sunny and colorful land. ANANDA DOLCE, contained in a delicate creation signed by Martine Micallef, is dressed with sensuality and finds its final touch in Swarovski crystals confirming the signature and the Artisan "know how" of the Ateliers M.Micallef. Close your eyes… Listen to the nature and enjoy a pure relaxing moment of plenitude. And yes...all of those words describe a super sexy scent.


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