Thursday, April 23, 2015

Maiden Lane Jewels

Every bride wants the perfect, head turning ring. From the diamond experts who designed Kate Bosworth’s gorgeous wedding rings last year, jewelry company Maiden Lane recently launched their ASPIRI cut and collection. These gorgeous rings make a statement with one-of-a-kind diamonds that catch light from all angles. Even if you love your current ring or are still searching for the perfect ring, this collection is certainly one to consider.

ASPIRI has pioneered a new cut, which makes the face of the diamond appear around 50% larger than a traditional cut stone of the same carat weight.  By cutting the diamond shallower, there is a larger visible surface area. Sometimes illusions can totally pay off. Don't you agree?

With a larger appearance, a classic halo setting, and quick resizing service, these rings are a beautiful, affordable option for any bride-to-be or anyone looks for beautiful diamond jewelry including earrings and pendants. Even the celebs love it! Most recent celebrity fans include Julianne Hough and Joan Smalls. 


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