Saturday, April 4, 2015

Tech Time with the Subaru Legacy - AutomotiveSTYLE

Let's talk features! When I had the chance to drive the Subaru Legacy, I was beyond excited by the technology of this car. Want to know why? Well, there are a few reasons but let me start with the first...most impressive reason. Eyesight Driver Assist Technology.

Using two cameras mounted above the rearview mirror to monitor traffic, the EyeSight driver assist technology can react to conditions even before you do. An alert will be sounded along with a visual warning when it senses danger of a collision. It can even apply the brakes automatically if you don't. How cool is that?!? EyeSight also optimizes cruise control and can warn drivers when they're swaying outside their lane. Just think of how helpful this could be for new drivers...honestly, any driver! See how it works...

Another feature I love is Voice Activated GPS Navigation. Legacy offers an available GPS navigation system with XM NavTraffic to help guide you to your points of interest, all via voice command. So all you have to do is say "Take me home" and the Subaru will get you there safely with turn by turn instructions from any location. It also features a 7-inch high-resolution touch-screen display, HD Radio, and SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

The last of my top three favs is the Rear Vision Camera. These days, I can't understand why any car wouldn't have this feature because of how many lives it can safe and accidents it can avoid. A standard rear-vision camera enhances rear visibility when backing up. It even displays guide lines to help you see the vehicle's path and judge distance to other objects. In the same way EyeSight keeps an eye on other vehicles, it also watches your vehicle's space in the lane, warning you if you've accidentally swayed too far to either side.

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