Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dior + Genie-S

If you have already discovered the Travalo atomiser, you’ll know it is one of life’s reliable essentials, designed to be convenient, elegant and robust. And now, French luxury brand Christian Dior, in search of the perfect fragrance refill system for its sophisticated purse sprays, is collaborating with Genie-S, utilizing its unrivaled patented pump-fill system seen in the award-winning Travalo atomisers. 

Box sets are available with a licensed variant of the Genie-S system and sold as a package with full size fragrance, these include: J’adore, Miss Dior and a selection of Dior’s signature male fragrances like Dior Homme and Fahrenheit. A perfect solution to keep you smelling great with your fav Dior fragrance without the need to carry a heavy glass bottle - never leave home without one in your handbag or pocket.

Commenting on this significant collaboration, Ralph Bou Nader (Genie-S VP) said:  “When a company works with Dior, expertise and innovation are two important words to highlight. This collaboration inspires confidence in our Genie-S technology, and it is a validation of the highest order that helps to bring confidence to the entire industry. Genie-S is not only an accessory, it is a step in beauty.”

So all of your travel woes of not being able to "carry on" that bottle of your favorite fragrance and getting it through airport security have been solved. You're welcome.


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