Friday, July 3, 2015

Pizzeria Style With DIGIORNO

Once a month if not more, the Hubby and I plan a date night. Usually I take this opportunity to put on my best outfit, we go out and have a great time. Today I thought...why not have a date a home? We could have our own little stay-cation...and I had an idea for the perfect dinner for us! DiGiorno pizzeria! thin pizza. The brand that set the bar for oven-ready pizza with its Signature Rising Crust pizza, has now raised it again with its best pizza ever! No EVER!

My husband loves a good NY slice so to say he was skeptical of the Margherita pizza from the freezer section at the grocery store was an understatement. To both his and my surprise, it was delicious! Although I am one of the biggest fans of cheese, my favorite part of the pizza was the crust. It had just the right amount of flavor and the perfect crunch. 

The only bad thing was having to choose between the four tempting varieties of New DiGiorno pizzeriathin pizza. The Spinach and mushroom, Supreme Speciale and Primo Pepperoni all looked appealing but in the end Margherita was the clear least tonight it was. Does hearing me talk about my

We had the best time cuddled up in bed in our PJ's eating pizza, drinking wine (well he had a beer), watching TV and simply enjoying each other's company. Kinda reminded me of our college days and certainly made me appreciate the little things after 21 years of marriage.

We loved it and I'm sure you will too. Actually DiGiorno is so confident you'll agree with me that the New DiGiorno pizzeria! thin pizza is so delicious that they are offering a "Love It Or It's Free Guaranteed" refund. How amazing is that? And to top it off, DiGiorno is excited to hear what fans think of the new pizzas, they're asking everyone to taste for themselves and then go visit the DiGiorno Facebook or Twitter page (@DiGiornoPizza) to share your thoughts and pix. Don't forget to use the hastag #YouBeTheJudge. I loved being the judge...and this one's next!

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