Thursday, September 10, 2015

Making Magic with Mally Beauty - BeautySTYLE

By: Joy Randall

What happens when you put a pretty face, a makeup artist with some cool new products and a talented photographer together in one room?  Well, magic of course, “Mally Magic” to be exact! I had an absolute blasts playing in this City Chic “I love Color” palette by Mally Beauty! I called over my fellow Pisces, Lessie to come through my studio and let me play with her beautiful face. Luckily, she was totally down! And my homie Coop of Copernicus Photography stopped by to capture the magic hour.

We started with the shadow base that comes with the palette, and let me tell you, this stuff doesn’t budge! Even better, it really makes the colors pop! My favorite color out of these 11 bold shades was “Sweet Samba”, a yellow-orangey gold that looks like a sunrise on your eyes! 
This shade is beautiful to wear alone for a bold and different smokey eye. The texture was velvety and smooth with a nice sheen, but not too much shimmer. Loved it!! But I couldn’t stop there! I chose “Fantasy Green”, a lush deep green, to go in the crease and “Plum Glow”, a deep plum purple, right under the lash line. Then came back with “Denim”, a beautiful navy blue to cut the crease and add a little more drama. The finishing touch was “Soho Silver” in the inner corner of the eye. It all came together perfectly, like the end of summer usually does. Beautiful sunsets, warm nights that you don’t want to end, sparkling city streets, bare feet in the grass and ripe summer fruits. This look was inspired by the end of summer. (It’s the artist in me, I can’t help it!)

Lessie loved her look so much that she didn’t want to take it off! So we did some swatches of the Ever Color Shadow Sticks. I loved how creamy and easy to apply they wear. After a few minutes they dry down and are get really smudge resistant. No creasing with these babies! They can be worn alone or under the shadow as a primer or shadow base. This is perfect for the woman on the go or someone who just wants one quick step. Throw on a little mascara and you’re good to go without having to worry about touching it up later. 
Shouts out to Mally Beauty on creating such fun colors that are not only vibrant and beautiful but are long wearing and functional. Mally is great for the girl who loves color and is a great addition to a makeup bag with a ton of neutrals. Go grab yours and create some Mally Magic for yourself! She definitely makes it easy. 


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