Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Your New Favorite Outerwear - Spiewak

I have a new winter love to cuddle up with! Recently I was introduced to a fabulous outerwear collection that's both innovative and functional. Spiewak is an innovative women's line that has positioned itself at the forefront of modern outerwear. It's perfectly tailored and I know all of my true fashion girls can appreciate that in a coat right? It's not easy to find a flattering yet warm winter coat but Spiewak hit the nail on the head for sure.

Let me tell you about all of this fabulosity!

  • The Aviation NB-3 Parka is THE winter staple. It not only has functional qualities but also has a feminine silhouette (reiterating what I said above in case you missed it) and includes an exaggerated hood, detachable fur trim, hand warmer pockets and eco-friendly recyclable down insulation. If that sounds like a dream, it kinda is but it's totally a dream you can actually make a reality. This one is my personal fav!
  • The Delano Jacket is a knit jersey with an asymmetrical, quilted shape with a standing collar and double zipper. The "Thermore" insulation provides warmth without the bulk and isn't that what any girl wants? Seriously, no one and I do mean NO ONE wants to wear anything that makes them look bigger than they actually are. Not even in the winter... This one is perfect for transitional weather wear.
  • The Catalina jacket is the classic fishtail reimagined. So...if that sentence alone doesn't draw you in, I don't know what will! When something is "redone/reimagined" in such a truly awesome way, it makes choosing between them a very difficult task. Believe me, I know. Meanwhile, this one is even lined with faux sherpa!

Spiewak has seriously created a modern collection that seamlessly blends trend driven design with everyday functionality. Listen, I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to wear mine! This might be the first time in like, I don't know...EVER that I've welcomed winter.

Check out the look book from the newest collection below and for more info or to purchase your own, go to


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