Sunday, December 20, 2015

Getaway to Canada...Today!

Looking for a fabulous place to go with some friends and have a super awesome time? Consider Canada! Yes, you will need a passport but trust me, the experience will be well worth it! With so much to offer and some of the most amazing food I've ever experienced, if Canada isn't on your list of places to visit in the very near future, it should be.

My readers know I love sharing my experiences, especially the really good ones so I've compiled a pretty decent grouping of photos that I believe accurately tell my "visitors' story". Be sure to look for links to my favorite places so you too can make the trip and experience them too! I would love to share notes...maybe you will find something I didn't.

The trip began with a surprisingly short ride to Toronto on Porter Airlines from Newark International airport. Canada is a lot closer to the NYC area than people might think and Porter is the perfect choice if you're looking for more personalized service (FYI...they serve free wine and it's really good too. Score!).

After getting settled in at the Sheraton Centre Hotel Toronto (my room had a fabulous view too by the way)...
...I attended a movie screening during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). It was great to see Toronto's stylish residents out and about! When at TIFF, you've gotta get a pic!

There are so many great things to know and love about Toronto. One in particular is their appreciation for graffiti. Here it is seen for the art form that it truly is and embraced as such. I suggest you put on your most comfortable walking shoes and go on the Graffiti Walking Tour. Hopefully you get "KitKnows" as your tour guy. He definitely knows his stuff and is a great guide.

You'll be super lucky if you can go to Toronto during the Food & Wine Festival like I did. It was certainly one of the highlights of my trip. And whatever you do, make sure you try the Poutine. You won't be sorry! 

And then it was off to Prince Edward County to experience Wine Country Ontario.

If wine and food aren't enough, Ontario has some really amazing views. During your time there, be sure to slow down, take a moment and enjoy.

 My trip ended with a stay a Angeline's Inn in Bloomfield. The rooms were unique, beautiful and each had their own stylish personality. This is really the perfect place to enjoy Ontario's Wine Country.

I hope I've inspired you to travel to Canada and enjoy the tastes, sights and sounds. Whether you choose to party in Toronto, chill in "The County" or a combination of both like I did, make sure to pack all of your most fabulous looks. There's always an opportunity for a photo op.

Special thanks to Ontario Tourism for making this such a memorable trip!


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