Monday, May 9, 2016

Mmmm...Massage - HomeSTYLE

If you've been doing a great job by sticking to your workout routine (you know, the one that you put on your New Year's resolutions list), you should be in great shape by now right? Well, it's time to reward yourself! Oh, wait...What? You don't remember making that resolution? *wink, wink* Oh well, you still deserve a reward...partial credit is kinda acceptable too.

Here's something that should definitely be on your Spring "must-have" list and it's a great motivator to start over and get back in the gym. It's the perfect, stylish item to sooth your aching muscles and add some spice to your home décor. Introducing the M Cushion Massage Pillow

What's better than coming home after a great workout and having something right at your finger tips to massage your newly developed muscles into pure relaxation? I'd say nothing is better (well almost nothing...naughty minds) but "this" is darn close to "that".

Yup that's right! The M Cushion massage pillow is the first major innovation for decorative cushions since the creation of the zipper! It's the world's first fashion forward decorative cushion hiding a powerful shiatsu massager inside. And when I say powerful, I really mean it! M Cushion's four deep-kneading massage nodes relax muscle tightness, and the optional heating function melts away the day’s stress. I promise you, this pillow is literally like having a masseuse at your beckon call in your home and the designs are just as handsome too!

The wonderful thing about owning a M Cushion massage pillow is that it's disguised as a fabulous decorative pillow perfect for your favorite chair, couch or even in your bedroom. Personally, mine lives on the chaise in the meditation room in my home and fits my design aesthetic perfectly, wouldn't you agree? I absolutely love coming home after a long day, lighting a candle, curling up in my cozy blanket, and enjoy a massage on demand and you will too!

M Cushion’s interchangeable, machine washable covers designed by celebrity ready-to-wear designer, Jay Godfrey, make the newest solution for at-home and on demand massage, the perfect décor accessory for the upscale home. Seriously, it really just doesn't get much better than this. And when I tell you I felt so good after using mine the first time...honey, I could have run a mile! Instead I decided to grab a glass a wine and melt right back into my awesome new shiatsu massage pillow. Work outs be damned...for now. I promise, I will "resolve" to try again tomorrow.

Wanna see more? Check THIS out, then get yours! No matter when you decide to use it, after a long day's work or following an intense workout, you won't regret it. Happy relaxing!


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