Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Greater Good

Who doesn't like a "good" philanthropic story? The Greater Good Foundation was founded in 2014 by celebrity siblings’ actress Meagan and singer La'Myia Good. The mission of The Greater Good Foundation is to enhance the quality of life for all young women by providing a one-on-one connection and programming in a nurturing environment. The Foundation also promotes and empowers these under-served populations by providing a spirit of excellence, the necessary tools for college and career readiness, and the inspiration for young women to maintain a competitive edge globally.

Through the collaborative efforts of Meagan and La'Myia Good for education via the arts program MUSICATION, they are currently providing programming in the Compton Unified School District. The curriculum includes programs that build self esteem, promote positive body image, and provide mentorship opportunities for a new generation of young women who lack direction, support, struggle with moral compass, and low self-worth. The sisters contribute the success of their program by actively engaging these young women with a loving hand- on program that provides the necessary tools to excel in today's society.

What better way to link the best of both worlds of philanthropy and fashion by establishing a socially conscious collaboration with the Defend Paris clothing line and The Greater Good FoundationDefend Paris has been the go to duds for Fox's highest rated show Empire, rock and roll icon Madonna, to pop princess Rihanna. When fashion and The Greater Good Foundation collide you have a Defend Good Girl combination. 

The limited edition flannel is available online at ( Stay tuned for the full line that will be released Fall 2017.



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