Sunday, October 30, 2016

Demo Parkchoonmoo SS17 - NYFW

By: Jon Cope

The Demoo Parkchoonmoo SS17 collection sent me home with a bit of homework; but instead of lamenting my instructor's assignment with eye-rolling, and sarcastic remarks under my breath, I gladly accepted my responsibility to take a deeper look into the inspiration behind designer, Demi Park’s avant garde pieces. 

During my interview with the Korean designer, she informed me that the key word used to describe the collection was “airiness”, taking influence from ancient Korean male scholar's attire in which they wore kimono-esque coats, worn with wide trousers called, sunbi. In my research of these Korean scholars, they practiced developing a spirit of integrity, purity and wisdom. They sought to become mature human beings in every way, but counter to the members of the ruling class who clung to strictness and formality, Seonbi men were well-rounded, and rational scholars with sensitivity, and refined artistic tastes. With this being the case, it appears that Demo strives to inspire a certain level of aspiration for her consumer, one in which the clothes help to reflect the attitude and spirit of a virtuous, intelligently refined human being. 

The “airiness” of the clothing presented imply a transcendence of material interests, and conjures images of a women soaring above the clouds, with her wisdom of what is really important in life supporting her flight. Staying true to the allure of minimalism, Demi managed to infuse her monochromatic palette with layers of complexity by using lightweight cotton, silk, and denim to create patchworked blouses, tops and skirts, cotton and gauze bonded coats, as well as loose long silk dresses and short jackets. 

Without being colorful, Demi managed to create clothes that were bold yet humbling, subversive yet dignified, all-the-while using ancient conceptions of masculinity to promote a unique and aspirational view of what it means to be feminine. You can view the entire show below.


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