About StyleMayvin

T. Strong

A woman who refuses to accept she can't have it all...

Because, why can't I? I know I can because (in my eyes) I already do.

Too often we doubt our ability to have and accomplish everything we've ever wanted because some voice (whether it be internal or external) tried to convince us of what cannot be done. It's time to talk back and prove to yourself, YOU CAN!

As a graduate of the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, the largest HBCU in the Nation, my degree in Marketing coupled with life experiences has led to a 20+ year career working with a number of Fortune 500, New York and International Corporations in the Fashion, Editorial, Entertainment and Marketing industries. I have an enormous amount of #AGGIEPRIDE because that's what #AGGIESDO. I was born and bred for the work that I do.

So, what have I "done" you ask? A Lot... 
*clears throats and begins tooting one's own horn*

  • Entrepreneur and start-up guru of a myriad of businesses since '92. Most of which were too advanced for the time, at the time. I'm kinda like an OG at this thing.
  • As a NYC Fashion Retail Buyer for a few "famous" brands, I honed my gift of trend spotting, and believe me...it's a gift. 
  • Owned an event planning company with my sis-stars from college with the purpose of shining a light of excellence on "urban" brands of the 90's and early 2000's. S.G.B.A. forever!
  • Flipped into doing freelance event gigs focused on the quintESSENCE of the Black Experience. (Note: I'm a vocabulary geek)
  • Found myself in the music industry by way of a reSOURCEful connection, putting my Marketing skills and my sanity to the test. I lived to tell the story.
  • In '08... I started a Fashion Blog to keep folks I knew "In the KNOW". It morphed into a platform for something bigger despite the over saturation of this space because well, when you know...you know.
  • Became a PaperDoll. Not literally but figuratively speaking, though literally as a radio talk show host. Pre-podcast days of course. Again, advanced for the time. 
  •  TV called and I answered like a sly FOX, making my way to the small screen as a fashion correspondent dolling out a "Life and Style Tip of the Week" and red carpet reporting.
  • But wait, there's more! Back to fashion where professional "people-ing" as a managing director of a large team of merchandising experts took the stage. Here, ego took a backseat and purpose opened the door for BRAAVE inventiveness.
  • Expanded upon my purpose, as the Co-Founder of Dirty Soles where we create brands for the KULTJAH. (Extra! Extra! Read all about it!)
  • Suffered a loss. Lost myself. Went on a Soul Journey. Wrote a book. Published It. Became an Author. Found myself again.
  • Got a piece a of paper from Yale School of Business and pushed (still pushing) the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion needle in the Fashion Industry and beyond...but like, for real, for real. I'm a Consultant. A proud disruptor. None of that fake "check the box" nonsense. 

Twelve "career lives" into this rollercoaster ride, I thought, "It's time to relaunch StyleMayvin with fresh perspective". Because as a published journalist and dedicated writer/storyteller (did I forget to add that to my repertoire?) in this day and age of technology, fake news, group thinking and lack of self-love and self-confidence, being "in the KNOW" on that next level, high vibrational truth is everything, right? 

Let's #JourneyOn. TOGETHER.


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