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Conquering the Fear of First

Project 5: Art in Odd Places - Scale and Juxtaposition of Placement I used to have this weird fear of birds, mostly pigeons actually, but it stemmed from being chased as a child by chickens my great-grandmother had in her backyard. Let's just say I was a pretty mischievous 3 years old but that's a story for another day. I say I "used to" have this fear because I Am actively working to conquer it so I Am first counting the fear erased so the calm can follow. For this project in scale and juxtapositioning in real spaces with Dianne Hebbert , installation artist, painter, printmaker and curator, I was able to experiment with placement and 2D work. I chose the New Jersey state bird, the American Goldfinch, for this art exploration.  The bird is hand-drawn in pencil and colored with acrylic paint markers. This is how I played with the juxtaposition of my artwork and existing objects within the floral arrangements and potted plants in my home space. As a Yale School of Busi

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