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Dear 90's College Girl

I graduated from an HBCU. Literally, the dopest, Historically Black College and University in all the world. know who it is: North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University . AYANTEE for those in the back. I share this with the most humble, confident mindset and with all due respect to each and every other HBCU in the family. Ase. If you've ever seen School Daze, which was one of my all time favorite movies, but you didn't attend an HBCU, channel your "Different World" vibes and follow along... To say my experience would have been less than amazing without the ladies and gents of Mo-Del Unique Incorporated aka MU - I, is an huge understatement. It is in this college-student-led organization that I honed my skills not only as a model (how WE defined it), but also as a lady (how I defined it) and there I became, the StyleMavyin. White robe, far left, head thrown back in chic defiance...that me. Now don't let the big hair fool you. It

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