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Project 2: Insta-Media Collage The art of collage challenges us to find and repurpose materials, using them to create something new and expressive. I sent a photo of this work when it was about 80% complete to friends in a group text (it is my safe space for sharing) and one of the encouraging replies was "Looks like your mind in art form." Though I laughed at the reference, I couldn't have said it better. My friends know me well. When I started painting to ease mental health challenges brought on by the pandemic, I never imagined this exercise in learning and exploring my inner self would be so cathartic. I had hoped that I might find clarity of focus in navigating whatever the next steps of my journey might be however, choosing to embrace my imagination and creativity through art has garnered new direction + so much more.  This "Insta-Media Collage" project began with my love of paper. Card stock, stationary, business cards and journals are among the many pape

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