Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Fashion Guide Finale!

For the month of September we’ve covered Fall Fashions by introducing you to “Country Chic”, showing you how to “Accentuate the Curves” and exploring the best ways to “Keep it Simple” but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t reveal (with my secret x-ray vision) a couple of fashion’s “oddities”. Some call it couture; some call it out-right, strange but for all my "Super She-ros" and comic book enthusiasts…here goes!

Antonio Berardi gives us a new appreciation for the “Caped Crusader” (pictured above), while Fendi (below-white) and Iceberg(below-black) (yes...Iceberg is still shocking us all with beautiful non-denim designs) puts their spin on the always popular Black and White silhouettes (reference “Keep it Simple” Week 3). Not too outlandish but not quite "simple" either, these are outfits I would love to wear almost any day of the week and I'm not just talking costume parties either! Well... maybe a little tweaking here and there would be necessary to alter it just a bit but either way, I believe there's a Super Woman secretly living in us all!

Stay tuned!... There's always more, FABULOUS fashion coming your way each week! Ciao!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall Fashion Guide Week 3

Keep It Simple.

Less is not always more...That statement usually goes for those who have less instead of more but the basic rule for fashion in any season is to remember that sometimes luxury shouldn’t be compromised.
Now, “keeping it simple” is a much better way to describe the art of achieving a classy look. What could be more elegant than the well tailored ensembles styled by design icons Karl Lagerfeld and Narciso Rodriguez?

Dressing head to toe in fashions historically pricipal colors adds a certain je ne sais quoi to your style. Black offers a sleek, confident and timeless Audrey Hepburn look while dressing in all white reads a refined sophistication reminiscent to that of Jackie O. Whose stylistic influence will you summon up this season?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall Fashion Guide Week 2

Accentuate the Curves

The newest fall fashions are bringing back the waistline in a very powerful way. There once was a time, long, long ago in fairy land where women wore corsets to create an hour glass figure. Not quite the most comfortable look, it faded away along with Petticoats. Over the past few years that idea returned by way of a more breathable concept, the wide belt. As much as we loved them and still wear them on occasion, so as not to create the Tyra overkill/overuse syndrome, we now see some of fashion’s hottest designers taking it one step further by creating another of my favorite looks for the fall season…The synched waist!

As always, this look is not for everyone. Sporting muffin tops which literally hang over the “synched area” is not a good idea however, bringing it all together in a flattering, powerful way can boost the self esteem of any woman and give her that “Go-Getter” attitude that even Scarlet O’Hara would admire.

Above photo: Versace

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fall Fashion Guide Week 1

Be sure to log on to Style Mayvin regularly during the entire month of September! You’ll be invited to vamp up your style by reviewing the best Fall Season picks for fashion trends beginning with this week’s choice: “Farm Country Equestrian”.

There’s a few ways to pull off this look but here’s a suggestion on how to achieve one of my most preferred fall ensembles…

Reach ALLLLLLL the way to the back of your closet and hopefully you’ll find your favorite long, floral print, patchwork skirt by Ralph Lauren you used to wear many seasons ago with your scuffed toe Durango boots. (If not, put that purchase on the top of your fall shopping list!) Now…to update the look, pair the skirt with a solid color jacket accented with a wide belt and adorn your feet with a beautiful new pair of leather riding boots. Although we all still love our comfy Durango’s, the designers for Cole Haan really put their best foot forward with the new boot collection! Then, to complete the look throw on a knit hat and a large “Shopper” bag and head for the door! Not only are you comfortable, but you’re also Country-Chic with a touch of confident-horseback-rider. Think warm and sexy…that’s the way to achieve this fabulous look.

Cole Haan
Leather Boots - $595