Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fabulous Rainwear

The entire East Coast seems to be plagued by the bad weather blues. Wasn't the first day of Spring over a week ago? Sheesh! Well, for those of you who refuse to give in to the usual "funk" this type of weather brings after months of enduring Winter's blistering winds, pick up a couple of Fabulous Rainwear items to brighten up your day! can do it all on a budget, the "Recessionista" way.

Lands End is a great place to start. The classic storm slicker/rain coat available in a number of fun colors and patterns from sells for only $59.50 and the Wellie Boots, another great buy at $44.50. But don't forget the umbrella. Try to make today at least an "OK" hair day! Totes to the rescue! The $18.00 Fashion Umbrella by Totes can be a great addition to your Rainwear ensemble. ( Watch out for TOO MANY exciting new prints though. Even in bad weather, fashion rules still apply!

Edible Couture

Molly Sims wore a Kevan Hall original dress to his Fall 2009 fashion show and what a delectable dress it was! It's covered in thousands of actual dried cranberries.

Created because Dial asked the designer to make a dress introducing their new Cranberry & AntiOxident Pearls body wash, Kevan Hall and Molly Sims show that this fruit really does the body good! The dress is being auctioned off to benefit Clothes Off Our Back and the bidding is already underway. Auction closes on April 6th so if this dress is a must-have for you and want to help this wonderful organization raise money, log on to

Sunday, March 22, 2009


On March 18 “Valentino-The Last Emperor” opened in select cities. This documentary of fashion designer/icon Valentino's life is as The New York Times raves, “a must see for fashion lovers and pop-culture addicts.” Most if not all of my readers fit in this "fashion lovers" category. True lovers of fashion revere Valentino as the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) and to his credit; there will never be another like him. The attention he gives to the design of women’s couture dresses has and will most likely never be surpassed by any. Just ask the celebs who have been so honored to wear an original Valentino design; Oprah, Julia Roberts, Jackie Kennedy, Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez. His retirement from the industry will surely leave us all wanting more but in his words “Finito is finito. I want to leave the room while it is still crowded.”.Respect and Admiration due to Valentino Garavani.
Film opens on March 27 in selected cities Nationwide.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

aHEAD of the game

Does the name Guiseppe Borsalino ring any bells? Maybe not, unless you lived in Italy in the mid 1800’s or you’re a serious hat connoisseur. Many consider Italy’s Borsalino Hat Company, the first hat maker in the world. The name Borsalino is synonymous with the fedora style hat that represents the elegance and style of southern Europe. Ranging from approximately $70 to upwards of $900, the always silk lined Borsalino continues to be the market leader.

Once again made popular in the R&B world by Alicia Keys in early 2001, the fedora, which was originally created as a woman’s fashion item (Ladies RULE!) and only became a men’s upper-class accessory in 1920, has stood the test of time. It holds an attitude of its own and no matter who’s wearing it, the transformation is instant.

Don’t believe me? Just try it! Even if you’re not a “hat person”, with just once glance in the mirror your “swagger” is guaranteed to change. Of course, you might want to try a less expensive brand to start…just in case.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Barbie Fabulous!

What young girl didn't want to be Barbie growing up? From the clothes to the corvette, mini mansions and "pretend-kissing" Ken, Barbie was the "It Girl" before the term was ever created! She could do it all...just one change of clothes and she was a totally new woman. Recreating herself over and over again, from Mom and Career woman to Ballerina, Princess or Beach Bunny, Barbie definitely lived life in the fab lane.

Since 1959 Barbie has been paving the way for both young girls and women as a fashion inspiration but also as a career minded, business woman who could do whatever she set her mind to. Celebrating Barbie's 50th year, many of the fashion industries greatest and most prominent designers paid homage to the original fashionista and helped Barbie show once again, what having a little attitude is all about! If you missed the actual show during fashion's your opportunity to see the American Icon at work! Imagination meets the dream of a lifetime...this is one show where I would have loved to strut my stuff down the catwalk!

Fashion Week Fall 2009 Wrap Up

Thank you all for patiently waiting for the Fashion Week Fall 2009 Wrap Up! You may have already done your own research on the shows but here are my favorites designer looks!

Top Left to Right - Narciso Rodriguez, Miss Sixty, J. Mendel.
Lower Right - Jill Stuart