Monday, June 13, 2011

StyleMayvin in Sunny Palm Springs

The all women's drive event, “Heels and Wheels” was held in sunny Palm Springs, California and of course, the StyleMayvin was there. I love, love, LOVE going on these drive events and with 11 different vehicles to drive and experience, it was definitely a busy week. From General motors to Chevrolet, Honda, Dodge and Saab, these manufacturers really rolled out the red carpet to make sure we all had a great time. Each vehicle had quite a few desired features and of course a number of very fashionable aspects so to say it was difficult to to narrow down my favorites would be an understatement. In order of my own personal preference, here are the best features of each.

GM Acadia Denali – GM is one of the global sales leaders and judging by all the bells and whistles of this truck, I can see why. My favorite feature? The Windshield Hologram. And with one touch of the key fob, I can open the rear lift gate with ease. This would come in particularly handy when I've got my hands full of shopping bags. I mean's like having your own personal driver open the door. In fact, I liked this one soooo much, I decided to do a quick video with the GM representative. Check out the super stylish color of the truck while I'm chatting away with the rep.

Volvo C-70 – There's nothing better than riding around in a convertible...especially in Cali. The C-70's top goes down fully in 30 seconds. You could go from incognito to all out swagger while waiting a stop light. Wanna see me do it? Here ya go!

Chrysler Town & Country – Now I was never really the one to want a mini van but this one has truly changed my mind. Diva in a mini van? Oh yes! I can't even begin to list all of the many qualities but one of the most attractive feature to me, the best spot to place my LV bag! I love when the manufacturers think of things like this.

Then, there's the 3rd row seating that folds completely outward for tailgating. I'm thinking, this baby at the kids football or soccer game would make me the most popular Mom in attendance. It not only transports all of your kids or friends in style, you can also tailgate comfortably and in style!

Mitsubishi Outlander – I love Mitsu! They met me in Cabo San Lucas late last year with this vehicle and driving it never gets old. (see last year's coverage HERE) Plus the fold down rear seats allow so much more space to pack or transport all the fun stuff like skateboard ramps and surf boards. Hey, when in California...
Mazda 5 – This is for the driver who's looking for a transition from a car to an “almost” cross-over vehicle. The sliding doors are a great feature that allows easy access for all passengers and Shopping Bags! Oh yeah!
KIA Optima Hybrid – There's so much that can be said about a Hybrid, but to say it has heated and cooled seats is really all I need to say, given the way the 90 degree temps have been beating down on the East coast. But I will also add that it's quite a stylish looking little car too! (see me with this car in the first photo above)
Dodge Journey – If you have kids and still want to look fly, this is a great choice. The design is sleek and it has built in fold out booster seats! Can't beat that!
Chevrolet Cruze – Looking to go Eco friendly? This compact car redefines “compact”. It's small but has an extremely spacious rear seat and it the interior design elements have raised the bar for many other competitors. Stay tuned for FULL coverage on this vehicle as I was fortunate enough to drive this one around for the week.

Other cars on the drive were the Honda Civic Hybrid, Saab 9-5 Sedan and Hyundai Tuscon.

During the real world testing on the final day of experiencing all the vehicles, we were able to see how our luggage, pets, child seats and of bags would comfortably fit in each automobile. This was one of the highlights of the day because we were able to see how these vehicles perform in everyday settings. Overall, a very informative trip with 11 different cars to drive. I can't complain!


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