Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Style Scout

If you're a smart phone user like me, you have more than a few apps on your phone but during my travels over the past month between the Team StyleMayvin "Road to the DNC" and the fun of New York Fashion Week, one app that was beyond helpful for me was Scout by Telenav.

It was literally, my "personal daily navigator" but because I couldn't always take a photo of my actual phone while navigating around the concrete jungle, I pulled a few from my fellow journalists online like this one (below) to give you an idea of how fabulously Scout looks...and it really works too!

Fashions Night Out is definitely a time when a Manhattan navigation system would certainly come in handy what with all the shopping and hopping from store to store so I put it to the test.

Scout proved itself to be a "must-have" for this season and beyond because coupled with one day of FNO events and the never ending list of fashion shows and parties I was expected to attend during fashion week, I want to be the first to explain to you how handy this system really is!
Traveling from NJ to NY every day for 8 days could have made for a miserable fashion week between the traffic getting into the city on the days I decided to drove... but on those days, Scout was great at using audio and visual traffic alerts to redirect me including rerouting if I missed a turn or had to take a detour. Ever want to know how to avoid speeding traps or want to be notified of red-light cameras when the last thing you wanted to do is be "fashionably late"? Scout's got you covered! And if you're more of a rule abiding driver (which I totally advocate by the way...) Scout already knows posted speed limits and gives you your current speed limit with an indicator to show if you are speeding. Isn't that awesome? Plus it's a must have on the back roads of I85...believe me, I know!

Back in the fashion capital, Scout made finding the best and closest places to meet my friends and colleagues for a quick bite to eat or a cocktail before the next fashion stop, super easy with a very comprehensive list of things to do, places to eat or drink...all right there at my fingertips.

Then, for the times that I spent on the subway train going from venue to venue, Scout made those experiences bearable and if you know anything about the NY subway system, you know what a challenge that can be. Ever loose your connection while riding the train? Sure you have! Scout came up with a great answer to that issue...Offline GPS! This feature allows you to use the map and directions even while you don't have cell service! All you have to do is download the map to your phone before hand and you can totally spend your time in transit figuring out your next move instead of having to stand aimlessly, in the way of other commuters on the street after coming up from the station thinking about which way to go. Yeah...I used to be that girl but with this app, I made it safely to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week tents at Lincoln Center successfully everyday, without fail. Thanks for saving me Scout!

For more on the Offline Nav feature check out the press release below. And if you want to download the iPhone app click HERE or the Android App HERE! Don't forget to follow Scout on twitter too "@Scout".

***Press Release***
Telenav Adds Offline GPS Navigation to Scout for iPhone
Sunnyvale, Calif. - Aug 14, 2012 - Telenav®, Inc. (NASDAQ: TNAV), the leader in personalized navigation, published today an update to Scout™ in the Apple® App Store, to include Always There Navigation, downloadable offline navigation that provides GPS navigation service at all times, regardless of whether or not drivers are in wireless coverage. Scout also now comes with free speech recognition, allowing users to conduct hands-free local business and address searches with voice commands.
"When you are driving in an unfamiliar area, the last thing you want to worry about is losing
your GPS navigation if you drive out of wireless coverage and take a wrong turn. With our latest version, we are ensuring that this will no longer be a concern for our users," said Ryan Drake, Scout product manager at Telenav. "Scout will guide you anywhere, anytime – with or without wireless coverage."
Offline Navigation
Scout's Always There Navigation is now available for download by U.S. region – Western, Central or Eastern. With a simple download, Scout's voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation service is now accessible with or without wireless coverage. Customers always have the option of downloading different regions at any time to ensure they will have GPS navigation if they are
"We originally launched offline navigation last year as part of the AT&T Navigator iPhone app," continued Drake. "It's been a popular feature that we are now very happy to offer to our Scout iPhone customers."
Speech Recognition
With the addition of speech recognition, Scout makes it safer, faster and simpler to search for nearby destinations. With the touch of one button, a user can activate voice commands and hands-free search and begin speaking to Scout immediately with any command, such as "Find Starbucks" or "Drive Home." Based on each voice query, Scout will either find nearby results or create the best route summaries based on traffic and current location.
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