Saturday, December 21, 2013

Accessories: Who Did It Best?

Thinking about all of the past year's fashion shows, I could never be able to select my favorite fashion accessory sent down the runway in 2013 so... I was inspired by another article I read on Paris Fashion Week Accessories by The Associate Press and needless to say, Paris does it better! Take a look at some of my favorite and most creative accessories from the catwalk at PFW this year.

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Pretty In Pink

Remember when Louis Vuitton backpacks were all the rage? Well, they are still quite fabulous when carried for the right occasion but let me introduce you to the newest dainty take on the backpack. It's Balenciaga's Classic Zip Traveler Backpack! And it's the perfect color... Rose.

From the Spring 2014 collection this glamorous, classic pieces is made of super soft lambskin leather and it simply wouldn't be complete without a removable hanging leather frame hand mirror. I LOVE!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wrapped In Luxury Indeed

To get you prepared just in time for the snow in NYC, Neiman Marcus presents a peak into their current fur collection. 

I fell completely in love when I saw each piece. What an awesome campaign! Cudos NM!

Julep In NYC

I LOVE Julep! They always have the cutest polish colors (I've raged all about them before) and are really just fabulous when it comes to all things beauty so...if you love them as much as I do, why not check put the Holiday Pop-Up Shop?

For all of my NYC and surrounding area readers, the deets are below! RSVP vis Facebook HERE!

An Experiment In Geometry

BLACKSEA recently introduced their debut collection for Spring 2014 of luxury handbags for "the sophisticated, cosmopolitan girl about town." Designed and produced in New York using the finest materials and Italian leathers, BLACKSEA’s debut capsule collection is an experiment in geometry and color.

Named for and influenced by the childhood home of the Creative Director, the nautical influences of the Black Sea and its rich shipping heritage prevail. The shades of navy and white abound throughout SS14 and are reminiscent of the Odessan seafarers and sailors, a popular lifestyle and career choice for natives of the region. Sand and blue tones appear in the collection reminiscent of the golden sand beaches and various shades of the Black Sea itself, while black and white add a cosmopolitan edge.

Founded in 2013, BLACKSEA uses a juxtaposition (I love that word) of textures and fabrics to create accessories that are bold and understated at the same time, utilitarian and undeniably stylish- cotton weave and durable canvas add versatility and functionality. A youthful fascination with geometry and almost mathematical precision belies the meticulous craftsmanship of design. Structured shapes, bold colors, and balanced proportions define a collection that centers on the classic, versatile clutch.

Prices for the Spring 2014 collection range from $329 - $699; For more information on BLACKSEA or to view the full Spring 2014 collection, please visit

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nautica Gifts

What I really love this time of year is how excited everyone seems to get about gift giving. Sure, I know there's the madness of Black Friday and the craziness of Cyber Monday but it's all for a good cause right? It's all about giving! At least that's what I keep telling myself but thanks to Nautica, I was able to enjoy and casual shopping experience full of lots of fabulous items.

Last night, I attended the Nautica gifting suite and to my surprise and ultimate dismay, I found lots of stylish pieces I would love to have for myself as well as give away but I wasn't allowed to say my famous statement, "I'll take one of each please and thank you." However, I am quite thankful for what I was able to pick up.

If you haven't completed your Christmas shopping or even if you have (and if so, you must be like Superwoman or something!), stop by Nautica and get a few more things. I will be worth it!

 Thanks for an awesome event Nautica!

And the added bonus was getting a few awesome shots of the Christmas Tree and skating rink from the view at the Bryant Park Hotel. My camera is so awesome!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hilarious Holiday - Target

So...When I first heard about the "Ugly Christmas Sweaters" at Target, I thought, "Why on Earth would I want one of those?" Then, to my surprise, it seems the whole world is going nuts for ugly Christmas sweaters, actually ugly sweaters in general...go figure! Even my Hubby says he wants one! great StyleMayvin fashion I felt it was my duty to head on over to my local Target and play around in the dressing room.  Although not every sweater has a Christmas theme, I do believe they just might ALL fit into the I'm-so-Ugly-I'm-cute category. Meanwhile, I'm quite sure the other shoppers found my little excursion either extremely entertaining or beyond annoying. Either way, I had a blast! Thanks Target! This just might be the most fun I've ever had prepping for a blog post!

Leather gloves...Patterns, Stripes, Black & White with a pop of color!

Pop, Pop, Pop...just like popcorn to string up and add to your super gaudy Christmas tree!

THIS...really is my Ugly (and Scary...hence the "paws out" stance) Christmas Sweater!

I'm so not a cat person but I couldn't resist the actual bell sewn into the sweater! Playing it sassy and...
..playing it cool. This is multi functional sweater, just in case you didn't know.

And quite possibly my absolute favorite sweater! #SELFIE! Because no one does a selfie better than StyleMayvin!

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