Wednesday, April 24, 2013


My readers know I love fashion but more than that, I love STYLE.  I see everything through the eyes of Style and interiors is no exception! From my last AutomotiveSTYLE and TechSTYLE reviews, I thought it only fitting to bring you a little HomeSTYLE!

GROHE makes some of the most beautiful products and now they're offering two new kitchen faucets with innovative filter systems that turn tap water into clean, fresh-tasting water – GROHE Blue Pure and GROHE Blue Chilled & Sparkling. The names of the products alone scream STYLE!

In addition to providing homeowners with the opportunity to draw purified still water with GROHE Blue Pure, the Blue Chilled & Sparkling faucet can be carbonated to individual tastes, ideal for home, office and hospitality environments that cater to a variety of taste preferences. The sensual, tactile faucet design blends European minimalism with fluid, natural curves available in a C-spout model in chrome and stainless steel finishes. 

Ok ladies...raise your hand if you're like me and view a nice hot shower as the best way to start your fashionable day...or end it. Yup...that's what I thought...we are soul sisters! Introducing Power&Soul!

This innovative showerhead features state-of-the-art spray patterns to relax, re-energize or restore and who doesn't need that after a long day of shopping? Available in cosmopolitan or contemporary styles, the showerheads and handshowers coordinate and enhance any bathroom design aesthetic. What makes the Power&Soul series unique is the AquaDirect feature, a one-click spray selection on the side of the showerhead and back of the handshower making it intuitive to switch between spray styles. 

The button placement maximizes the user experience for immediate customizable spray patterns including: 
  • Rain Spray – Soft, delicate pattern to soothe the skin. Mimicking summer rain, the spray provides full and even coverage. 
  • Rain 0² – NEW Rich spray with soft individual drops enhanced by air resulting in an even wider individual water drops. Perfect for a head or shoulder massage, the “breathing” effect ensures pain-free stress relief. 
  • Jet – A focused circular spray, which delivers a refreshing burst of water that’s ideal for stimulating the skin on cleaning the tub or shower.

Wanna maximize your HomeSTYLE?  Get GROHE!


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